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Online Video Editing Review: Ssemble Online Video Editing Platform

If you are looking for an all-purpose, in the cloud video editing platform, one option you could choose is Ssemble.  This post will explain Ssemble and give examples of how it distinguishes itself as a video editing platform.

ssemble video editing

As a person who began film editing using a razor blade and scotch tape, the fact that you can edit video online, collaborating in real time with people on the other side of the planet blows my mind.

Today, we have dozens of platforms for online, in the cloud video editing.  They are all trying to provide a one-stop editing experience with easy file sharing and conversion.  Generally speaking, they are simple to use and give you enough features to create a professional looking video, but not so many that a newcomer is overwhelmed.  Ssemble definitely falls into this category.  It is a drag and drop system, and they have plenty of easy to follow instructions.  You can get started for free.

Their stated business vision is to enable average people to make professional videos.  I agree wholeheartedly.  I ALWAYS advise beginners to stick with the simpler editing systems before tackling the pro level programs like Adobe Premiere.  Ssemble is great for beginners, IMHO.

Ssemble has divided their video editing system into core functions with a series of plugins.  You choose which plugins you want based on precisely which editing functions you need to use. This seems to be one of their standout features. Most video editing systems I have seen don’t separate functions to this degree.

They have a total of 16 plugins that include functions like background remover, royalty free music, and voice generator.  Others let you access royalty free video clips and graphics.   Still others make it easy to upload or download files from Twitter, Dropbox, or YouTube.  You can have your script written by ChatGPT via a plugin.  Ssemble provides every resource and function you need to create a video quickly and easily.

ssemble video editing plugins


Ssemble Plugins Ecosystem
– Add Assets
– Video
– Photo
– Music
– Sound Effects
– Fonts
– Video Effects
– Transition Effects
– Filter
– Audio Effects
– Audio Enhancement
– Background Noise Removal
– Automation
– Background Removal
– Beat Detector
– Distribution

Your cost will vary based on plugin usage.  If you choose to use the basic core functions only, then you can edit for free.    These core functions include assembling your own video clips and being able to trim, split, zoom in/out, rotate, loop, adjust, speed up, and slow down your video clips.  Transition effects, sound effects, and VFX are available too in the core function.  That’s a lot of editing for free.

Shrink Your Video Down
video compression

The last step in any online video project is to render it into a sharing file, compressing it down into a watchable version that hopefully won’t buffer forever.  Buffer time is directly related to the size of the video file.  High resolution video files are humongous, so they can be terribly clumsy online, and many viewers simply won’t wait.  For this reason, it’s important to compress it properly, so the resolution still looks ok, but the file size has been knocked down to a workable level.  Ssemble Kompres Video software will do that.

Ssemble Kompress Video can shrink video files up to 90% of their original size. By employing advanced compression algorithms and techniques, Ssemble optimizes the video data while preserving the essential visual and audio elements, resulting in compressed videos that maintain a high level of clarity, detail, and fidelity.

Users have choices to optimize video files for various purposes such as online sharing, storage, or streaming, enabling faster and smoother video playback.  If you are not familiar with the intricacies of video conversion, just pick your playing environment and trust their defaults settings.

Ssemble video editing platform is a product of an internation company that employees remote workers all over the world.  I am not employed by them, and this post contains no affiliate links.

Thanks for reading VPT.

Lorraine Grula


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