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If you’re like most people, you’re eager to take advantage of all the incredible opportunities offered by online video.  This blog will help you do just that! Readers from all over the world have discovered the art and science of video production by viewing the hundreds of video tutorials on this site.  Our tutorials cover every aspect of video making:  video cameras, lighting, sound for video, video editing, visual storytelling and MORE!

The video production advice found on this blog is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and develop the skills needed to create their own professional quality videos for professional or personal use.


Have you been to other websites trying to learn video making and been stumped by the highly technical jargon? Or worse, do they want to charge you a small fortune for their video making courses? Those frustrations are OVER for you! At Video Production Tips, we put our experience to work for YOU by providing user-friendly, easy-to understand tutorials and demonstrations on all the many video production techniques.

With nearly 500 posts, VPT covers everything that goes into visual video communications PLUS gives instructions on how to utilize the world wide web for video distribution.

This site is owned and operated by long-time video professional Lorraine Grula.

Who is Lorraine Grula?

Lorraine has tons of real-world experience in the trenches of video production. She’s certainly not one of these Johnny-Come-Latelies who doesn’t actually know much about how to make video but decided to get into it because it is a hot new thing. (There are a lot of these types online, BEWARE!) Lorraine has been creating high quality, creative videos for the past 30 years.  Plus, she KNOWS how to teach others! She won’t talk over your head.

A well-respected professional working primarily in the Nashville, Tennessee Video and TV News market, Lorraine’s spent her TV news life in the field creating video stories on every subject imaginable.  Primarily, she worked as a hands-on field producer, videographer (AKA a camera woman) and videotape editor.  Here she is back in the day of electric typewriters and 3/4 inch videotape.

lorraine grula first job in tv and video production

Ah, the good old days.

Emmy Award Winning Instructor

After growing weary of the often perverse and pitiful nature of the TV News biz, Lorraine took her expertise into the classroom and spent two years teaching high school TV Production, building a small-town program into a nationally recognized one. Her students won over forty-five awards in just two years worth of teaching, including the National Association for Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Student Award of Excellence, the equivalent to a high school Emmy. Here’s a picture of some of her students proudly holding their awards.  If she can get those goofy kids to make great videos, she can teach anybody!

Now you can benefit from the lifetime career of this television professional with a proven record of effective teaching. Lorraine currently owns this blog and a helps others create video.  Her goal is to help you learn Video Production the easy way!   Lorraine has opened this site with the mission of providing accurate, reliable, objective information for those who care to learn the art and science of video production.  Drop us a line using the form on this page and let us know your concerns.

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Lorraine Grula and two students at Emmy Banquet

This is the picture used in the newspaper article.  We made the news by winning a National Emmy award in a category reserved for high school academia, The NATAS Student Awards of Excellence. We won the national award for a 10-minute original comedy Christmas Special named An Enchanting Holiday. The awards banquet was held at the Time Warner Headquarters in NYC. All our expenses to travel from Tennessee and attend were paid by NATAS as part of our prize. NATAS sponsors the Emmy Awards and stands for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  It was a great excuse for me to buy a new dress, which I have not worn since.  I like my pj pants too much.