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No doubt you've heard that STORY is the heart of any video, and it's true!  But sadly, most beginners are left to twist in the wind and wonder how you actually go about telling a story using video, because most video courses focus solely on the technical stuff and hardly even mention storytelling!  

Yeah, you  read that correctly!  Almost every online video course I've ever seen focuses solely on stuff like what kind of camera you should use.  I love video cameras more than ice cream, but the viewer doesn't give a toot what kind of camera you use!  All they really care about your story.    

OK, check.  Storytelling.  Got it. 

So what exactly is video storytelling and how do you go about it?

For starters, storytelling has zilch to do with pixels, aspect ratios, or frame rates, that's for sure.    

Video storytelling has to do with conveying emotion in a way your target audience responds to, wrapping the vital (and probably boring) details of your story up in those emotions, then guiding your viewer's emotional journey to a conclusion you find favorable.

It also has to do with wide shots, medium shots, and closeups.  :)  Yes, a good ole sequence.   

A VIDEO SEQUENCE is to a  movie what as SENTENCE is to a written story. That was one of the favorite lines I came up with as a video production teacher.  I thought it sounded like something they'd have on an ACT test for film students. 

woman frustrated with computer and eating keyboard

  Today I am offering, free of charge...

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the Storytelling Secrets of Hollywood

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Hi, I'm Lorraine Grula and I've made so many professional videos in my life I'd be afraid to count!  I have videotaped everywhere from deep inside caves, to high above the clouds, and everywhere in between as a twenty-year veteran of the TV and Video Production industries.

I've also taught hundreds of people the art of video production and visual storytelling, from 5th graders to successful online business owners.  Many of them have now become professional video producers themselves.

Now, I'm inviting you to join up and delve into the fascinating world of visual storytelling and the language of film!  

It was always my favorite aspect of video, which I first got into way back in the days when FILM was more common than actual VIDEO.  (As terms, film and video are used interchangeably today but in truth, they are totally separate things! )

You already know that online video provides some of the most awesome opportunities in the history of humankind.  The problem is deciphering what you really need to do.

I'll show you how to build a story with video clips, audio clips, graphics, movement, color, digital effects, and all kinds of other cool stuff.  

To fully connect with viewers, it's not enough to present a technically perfect cinematic masterpiece, it's way MORE important to connect on a gut level with emotionally-laden storytelling.  

Discover how today with my free gift to you, The Storytelling Secrets of Hollywood, a two-part video tutorial showing you the techniques the best filmmakers in the world have developed since Thomas Edison's first moving pictures fluttered across the screen and mesmerized viewers.  

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  • Storytelling is the heart and soul of video making, and you may not know it's absolutely the hardest thing for newcomers!
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  • Storytelling is the difference between an effective video and an ineffective video -  between a boring video and an exciting one!

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Join us and reap the many awesome rewards of creating successful videos full of audience-loving storytelling!

It has been a wonderful ride with you! I have learned a lot these past few days, more than I did in college. I thank you for providing me with this free tutorial. It was amazing! I will continue learning more tactics and magic to get around production of professional video. Please keep in touch. Thank you so much!

Dennis LupengA, CEO dePicture Animation Studio

Hi Lorraine. 

I got an early Christmas present when I stumbled on your web site. I am from Scotland but now live in sunny Spain. Having been in the production of television programmes for more than 25 years and seen many video training programmes , it was refreshing to look at your methods. I even learnt a lot from them. I am new to the internet and even here you have helped me enormously . I look forward to your newsletters of which I have received one as I type this letter.

Harry Woolfries

Oh my goodness! I feel like I just hit the jackpot coming across your website!  Thank you so much for the information you've provided. It's amazing and obviously you are quite the expert. Thank you so much!

Bernell Grizzard

Dear Lorraine,
You are such a good teacher, the way you make everything clear and doable. I want to continue to learn from you. Thank you for your talent and being a role model.

Donna Ellison

Thank you Lorraine.

You probably don’t know this but you have been a great help to me this year My best wishes to you.

Annie in Australia

I LOVE YOU!!!!!! For this great site and the love and compassion you have it's great!!!  PLEASE PLEASE!!! contact me with what you are offering.  Thank you Jesus and bless the path of Lorraine Grula.

Nigel Taylor

I'm impressed with your emails for hitting exactly on what I'm planning to do. I'm planning to be a video producer. Well we're a choir with 26 members. We managed to record our 1st DVD in SWAHILI language and soon we're to launch it. We've planned to organize a fund raising during the launching in order to open up a video production firm. For that reason, your tutorials are of MUCH VALUE to me especially those in pdf format for I print them. Thank you and send as many as possible. Be blessed with the rest of your team,

Nicholas O.O. Obunde

I just want to say thank you for all the help/assistance you've been given me from the day I launch into your site, I have never been the same. Done some music videos, drama, etc. I will send the link to you soon so as to see what your contributions have done for me. Thanks a lot.

Tunde Adepoju

Wow, you are an expert, I see and like your tutorials. Keep up the great work! LOVE your tutorials, very helpful!

Mario Antonia