Could You Benefit From an Integrated Online Marketing and Informational Campaign, Complete with Professionally-Produced Videos?

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image to represent working with usOf Course You Could!

Online video is the most effective communication tool ever invented.  It’s so far beyond anything dreamt of by geniuses like Johannes Gutenberg, Guglielmo Marconi or Thomas Edison it boggles the mind.

Let me help you take advantage of it, will you?

Maybe what you want to do is fill a need in your niche by creating well-crafted, credible, online instructional courses in video form.   How about some training videos for your workforce?  Public relations and educational videos for your customer base?

How about increasing your sales, traffic and conversions with a comprehensive, creative,  online video marketing campaign that informs, inspires and entertains, catapulting your message to the top of the overcrowded heap?

I’m talking about a completely original, personalized, never-seen-before video campaign that hits every angle and point you want to make, designed especially for your well-researched, precisely targeted audience.

Online video can be a powerful growth tool for you.  Whether you need a single squeeze page video or an entire 50-video campaign designed to meet a comprehensive list of sales, training and public relations goals, I can handle it for you from start to finish.

I have experience with a wide variety of styles:  Marketing and promotional videos, training and informational videos, including complete online course creation, and how-to and explainer videos.

I work closely with clients to create the exact video (or series of videos) they need. I often create entire video campaigns for people who desire a large video presence online.

From concept to completion, I specialize in creating fully original, customized videos to meet any one of several purposes.

  • Sales/Squeeze Page Videos
  • Training and Instructional Videos
  • Course Curriculum and Content
  • Explainer Videos
  • Videos for Blog Posts and Lead Magnets
  • Documentary-style Video eBooks
  • Promotional or Informational Videos
  • Biographical Profiles
  • Documentary-style Company Branding Vignettes

Make your life easier by getting your video projects done in a professional, timely and affordable manner.  I am certainly easier to deal with than a corporate behemoth.

We have decades of experience creating videos and relish the opportunity to bring creative, factual, story-driven videos to life.

Send us a secure, private message using the Contact Us form below.

VIDEO PORTFOLIO:  Examples of Videos We Have Produced for Our Clients:

This first video is a squeeze page video for a video conferencing platform.


This second video is an example of a squeeze page videos created using simple whiteboard animation style, one of our favorite techniques. This is one I did for this blog and a free product I was giving away about how to feel comfortable going on camera.


This third video is an example of a training video I did for the state of Tennessee. The goal of the video was to educate store clerks about how to follow the law and not sell tobacco products to kids. This clip is just a small portion of the whole video, which ran about ten minutes.


This fourth example was created to showcase an award-winning novelist’s books and market her availability as a public speaker and coach.


This next video is a documentary style promoting a holistic therapy clinic by educating consumers on the benefits of mind-body medicine.


This next video is definitely different! It was produced by my students when I taught video production at a small-town high school in Tennessee. Love hurts! Literally.


This is a 30-second promo I did for the public access TV channel in beautiful Williamson County, Tennessee.


Here is an animated sales video using the theme of procrastination.


This next video is a 33-minute video eBook.  It was created to serve as a Lead Magnet to grow the client’s email list.


Here is a documentary news-style video we created as a fundraiser for a local charity:


Here is a sales video for a firm buying gold jewelry.


Next is a sales video for a relationship coach


We strive to make online video marketing and customer education videos a reality for everyone who wants to benefit from the enormous opportunities of creating videos made just for you.  Let video engage your customers with a personalized message using a video created by VPT.


moneyOur videos are customized and unique, so exact costs cannot really be determined until a project is clearly defined.   The video examples you see on this page ranged anywhere from $500 to $6,000.   A well-rounded campaign with ten (or more) video deliverables might range from ten to twenty thousand dollars.    Overall length and complexity of the production both help determine the final cost.  Those are ballpark figures.  We are not a cookie-cutter service, so don’t have a rigid price structure.

We often develop long term relationships with clients who want full video courses or campaigns.   When this is the case, we do not charge by the individual video.  We work out a package deal or retainer fee that fits your budget.

Get in touch and we’ll work it out.  Write to us with the form below and tell us what you need.  We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours to set up a free, 15-minute telephone consultation where we can determine all the specifics about your project.

If you can, please answer these questions.  If you are unsure, we will help you figure it out on the free call.

  • What are your goals and objectives with this video?
  • How do you plan on using this video?  What is its purpose?
  • How do you envision the final product?
  • What is your timeline for completion?
  • What is your budget?


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    In addition to our full Video Production Services, we offer  personal, one-on-one Video Consulting on all manner of subjects related to video making and using video online.  We have taught people all over the world how to make their own professional quality videos. Let us help you!
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