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Over the years, the unsolicited testimonials have poured in to me, Lorraine Grula, owner of this blog. I am quite pleased and honored to have been able to help so many people all over the world learn video. I’ll be thrilled to help you too. Explore the many free blog posts or, if you’re really serious about video making, sign up for some personal, one-on-one video consulting.

Here are some of the comments I have received from readers of this blog who have been able to use what they learned here to make the videos they wanted.  I hope you will agree with these blog readers that VPT is the best place online to learn how to make your own videos.

Oh my goodness! I feel like I just hit the jackpot coming across your website! Thank you so much for the information you’ve provided. It’s amazing and obviously you are quite the expert. Thank you so much!
Bernell Grizzard


Nigel Taylor says:
I LOVE YOU!!!!!! For this great site and the love and compassion you have it’s great!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!! contact me with what you are offering. Thank you Jesus for blessing the path of Lorraine Grula.


You have a great and super informative site, keep on doing what you are doing.
Ben Sweet


Dear Lorraine,You are such a good teacher, the way you make everything clear and doable. I want to continue to learn from you. Thank you for your talent and being a role model.
Donna Ellison


Hello Lorraine Grula,It has been a wonderful ride with you. I have learned a lot these past few days, more than I did in college. I thank you for providing me with this free tutorial. It was amazing! I will continue learning more tactics and magic to get around production of professional video. Please keep in touch. Thank you so much!
Dennis Lupenga, CEO of dePicture Animation Studios


Dear Lorraine, I’m impressed with your emails for hitting exactly on what I’m planning to do. I’m planning to be a video producer. Well we’re a choir with 26 members. We managed to record our 1st DVD in SWAHILI language and soon we’re to launch it. We’ve planned to organize a fund raising during the launching in order to open up a video production firm.?For that reason, you tutorials are of MUCH VALUE to me especially those in pdf format for I print them. Thank you and send as many as possible. Be blessed with the rest of your team,


Dear Lorraine,I just want to say thank you for all the help/assistance you’ve been given me from the day I launch in to your site, I have never been the same. done some music videos, drama, etc. I will send the link to you soon so as to see what your contributions have done for me. Thanks a lot.
Tunde Adepoju


Mario says:
Wow, you are an expert, I see and like your tutorials. Keep up the great work! LOVE your tutorials, very helpful!


Lorraine, I just wanted to take the time to send you a short thank you note for the incredible video you created for my company. From the time we first talked on the telephone about this project, you expressed a genuine interest and always left me with the impression that you would devote whatever time was necessary to produce the results I wanted. Your advice on pre-production planning and equipment was invaluable. What you produced was spectacular. It was so much more than I expected. The way you overlaid graphics to highlight the script made the video very compelling and gave it a finished and professional look. I look forward to the opportunity to send you more work and will recommend your work as often as possible. Thanks again for a job well done.”
Kent Lawrence President, Prestwick Commercial Investments, LLC


I hired Lorraine to create a video introduction for my employer Darlene Quinn, Quinn Web Productions. The video was created to introduce Darlene as not just an award winning author, but a speaker, teacher and trainer. Lorraine created a professional video, with interactive buttons, scrolling information and created a video that was beyond our expectations. She was timely, professional and creative. If you have any video needs I highly recommend you choose Lorraine.”
Kathy Porter, Administrative Assistant, Quinn Web Productions LLC


Lorraine Grula and Video Production Tips are indeed one of the leaders in the online video production and training space. She thoroughly understands what the video marketer needs to be successful on the internet and we have been thrilled with the promotional pieces she has created for Veeple on her Video Production Tips site.
Doug Broomfield, SVP User Experience & Customer Support, Veeple


I give up! I have been working on video production, filming and all the other abilities I need to create excellent videos, for about four years now. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do the professional job that you can produce using your expertise.I am trying to run a company. I don’t have time to do tasks that I can have an expert do. By the way, the cost was about 1/5th what I expected to have to pay if I subcontracted it. The video that you made for my new product launch is so much better than my attempt. I will never have the creative capabilities to produce eye-stopping, artistically creative videos that you produce. I love the fancy, multiple images and clickable links…”eye candy” I think your videos will help sell my product. My product will hit the public by mid September, about three months before the scheduled date, thanks to you.”
Thanks again, Dick Norman, Onyx 90 Products


Lorraine’s videos are the best and her expertise and genuine concern for her client’s success shows in the videos she creates. She’s great to work with and always has ideas on how to position your offering the right way. Her promotional video for my new website MineralMakeupIndia.com led to a spike in the orders and they haven’t stopped. What I love about her videos is that they are to-the-point and get the job done exactly as I want it – mainly because she takes the pain to get to know me and my customers really well before she creates the videos. Once that’s done, she sends the video script for approval, delivers the absolutely professional video in record time and takes care of the revisions and modifications. If you are looking for 5 star service, here’s where you get it!
Rangoo Srinivas, http://www.webspacebuddy.com


Thank you Lorraine.You probably don’t know this but you have been a great help to me this year My best wishes to you.
Annie in Australia


Hi Lorraine.I got an early Christmas present when I stumbled on your web site. I am from Scotland but now live in sunny Spain. Having been in the production of television programmes for more than 25 years and seen many video training programmes , it was refreshing to look at your methods. I even learnt a lot from them. I am new to the internet and even here you have helped me enormously . I look forward to your newsletters of which I have received one as I type this letter.
Harry Woolfries