November 20

Windows Movie Maker: Free Video Editing Tutorial


If you want to learn how to edit your own videos, then watch this free tutorial demonstrating Windows Movie Maker free software.  (WMM has been discontinued, but Microsoft has a similar product they call Movie Maker.)

WMM is similar to most other video editing programs, so no matter what program you use, this tutorial will help you learn to edit video.

Video editing is not terribly difficult once you learn how.  But as with anything, if you do not know what you are doing, then it can be terribly confusing.

I personally do not think video editing is intuitive at all and beginners often get so frustrated they give up.  In order to avoid that, I made this free tutorial that clearly explains the basics.

If you get the basics down, the rest comes more easily.  First, you need to fully understand the layout of a video edit program.  The user interface of video editing software is more detailed than any other genre of programs, and that really confuses beginners.  This video editing lesson shows you exactly what the multiple windows do and how they are all used together in the process of video editing.

This tutorial will show you all the basics you need to know in order to use Windows Movie Maker and other, similar video editing programs.    Different editing programs share many similarities, so even if you do not use WMM, you can learn a lot by watching this eight minute tutorial.

The picture below shows you the different windows in Movie Maker.  Each window has its own specific function.  Watch the video for more!

video editing interface

Thanks and Happy Editing!

Lorraine Grula


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