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WeVideo: In-The-Cloud Online Video Editing Platform WeVideo


This 4:51 video describes the in-the-cloud online video editing system called WeVideo.


We Video is  an online, in-the-cloud video editing membership service that allows you to use their servers and video editing software system to put together your video online.  Anytime you have an open project inside WeVideo, you have easy access to pre-loaded essential elements like royalty free music, transitions and pre-animated graphics. Then too, you can upload any files you wish.

WeVideo is an easy way to collaborate with other people, even if they are on the other side of the earth.

If you are looking for an easy way to edit video without buying or installing anything, then WeVideo would be of interest to you. It’s in-the-cloud nature allows you to edit from any internet connection, even if all you have is your SmartPhone or Touch Pad.

Pardon my amazement at ability of having access to full video editing through a telephone!


WeVideo Makes video editing accessible to everyone with internet connection

WeVideo say they are on a mission to give everybody the capacity to edit professional-looking videos easily and cheaply. We Video is a video editing system that is all online. There’s nothing to download, no software to buy or install. All you need is a membership to we video. You can start with a free account to see if you like it.

I signed up the other day to see how well their system works. I found their claims to be very true; it was indeed amazingly robust and fairly easy to use. I was editing instantly after uploading my clips. Now, let me say that I do think it helped that I already know how to edit. The WeVideo system is very similar to standard video editing software. So it was easy to find my way around, but if you are not as familiar with video editing, then it will take a bit more time to learn, but honestly, it is still quite easy and you can absolutely master their system.

WeVideo is not an automated editing system like Animoto, although they do have a feature called the video wizard which will automate part of the process if you wish. But generally, WeVideo is more like standard video editing, it’s just that you do it in the cloud, not on your own computer. So you have complete control over how your finished video looks, which is not the case for automated systems like Animoto. But of course, WeVideo will not be as fast or brainless as Animoto either. So both systems have their advantages for different users

The video tutorial at the top of the page demonstrates the WeVideo system. Below is a written explanation.

First, I uploaded some video clips. WeVideo can accept clips taken on any device, camera or telephone, so that compatibility alone is pretty cool. Once the clips were in my account, I created a project and put the clips into the project.

Essentially, it is a drag and drop system, so you just put whatever clip you want to use down in the timeline in whatever order you want. The timeline of course is where you build your finished video, that is standard for all video editing systems.

Now, one cool thing with WeVideo is that they have royalty free music ready for you to use, all you have to do is select a clip and put it in your time line. They also have sound effects, transitions and easy titles and graphics. Some of the titles are even pre-animated. They also have a system where you can record audio and upload it as you record. I was able to use my webcam to upload some narration. I had to bring the volume control down pretty low to keep it from over modulating, so if you’re getting a lot of red in this volume meter, take it down a notch or two. But t his is a great feature, being able to record and upload the audio right into your project.

video editing

WeVideo gives you multiple video lines and audio lines, so make sure and put stuff on the correct line. Graphics and titles go on top of the video. As you can see, the music can be brought up and brought down, all you have to do is click on a point and move this line up or down. This is how you will mix narration and music. You also have lots of options for transitions, which you place between two clips. The WeVideo system lets you add as many lines as you need.

Once you are done editing, you can easily export from we video straight to YouTube, Facebook or other video destination sites. You can also post the video on your blog or website. Or, you can download it to your computer. This saves you the headache of having to convert and upload the video yourself. It’s already online, and WeVideo will automatically create the correct video file format.  That alone is a big help.

Who would benefit from using WeVideo?

All-in-all, WeVideo is a good solution for people who want to edit video but do not want to invest in a huge and powerful desktop computer and the software it takes to edit. You can access We Video from any internet connection, so you can now edit video on your smart phone or tablet!

You can also invite others into your account for collaborative editing and sharing of clips. WeVideo is pushing this aspect quite hard. They’ve got a growing community so you will find plenty of like-minded people on the site you can collaborate with or learn from.

We video is brand new, it’s still in beta but the system worked flawlessly for me and I was truly impressed!  WeVideo  makes video editing accessible to anyone and it’s so easy a child, or even a grandparent can use it!  Make your videos more fun to watch with video editing.

You can check out Wevideo here.

video editing so easy anyone can do it

I hope this information helps you make better videos! I’m Lorraine Grula for Video Production Tips.  Thanks for reading.


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  1. Ah, not sure if it’s a Canadian thing or not but the site is blocked.

    Looks like a cool resource though.


  2. Hi Randy.
    The site should not be blocked, are you on some kind of limiting network? It is a cool resource. I liked it very much. I’ll ask about it being blocked for you.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how this type of technology works out in the consumer market. Cloud editing has been available to professionals since FORscene was launched in 2004.

    Frame accurate mobile cloud editing for consumers has been around since February this year – in the form of the Android Clesh app.

    With any luck, all those people with HD camera phones will now be ready for sophisticated video editing!

  4. Hi Stephen.
    I hope it catches on. I think there are lots of people out there who would enjoy video editing if they only knew how! WeVideo is about as easy as it gets if you want to do it yourself, and not use an automated system like Animoto. Thanks for your info!

  5. I sure have appreciated your cutting edge video knowledge the past few years…AND that you freely share what you find.

    As a Virtual Ministry Video Assistant, this cloud editing system is a gem. (chuckle..that is if my clients DoN’T want to learn how to edit…).

    I do collaboration with a few people who live far away…NOW a way to get their raw video.

    Anyway….I would love to be a part of the contest…When I have time…I will. Thanks for that opportunity too….

    The only thing I tend to be impatient about is how long it can take to upload the raw video…Oh well..

    Can’t wait to try it on my phone!!

    Thanks Lorraine…you rock girl!

    theresa croft

  6. Hi Theresa.
    So good to hear from you! Thanks for your comment. WeVideo is indeed awesome, so I am glad to hear it will help you out. I think it is amazingly cost effective too. Upload time is kind of a bummer but on the flip side there is no rendering time. I hope you find time for the contest! Time is the most difficult thing to come by for most of us. The video does not have to be contest specific, so just enter whatever video you are making anyway. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  7. Hi Gideon.
    Video editing is a great thing to learn, so I encourage you to give it a try and not give up! If you watch the editing tutorials on this blog, it will help you a lot. I demonstrate several software programs in various posts here on the blog. Most video editing systems have quite a bit in common, so learning any of them will help you feel more comfortable with others. It can seem confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, video editing is not that hard. Find links to other posts with editing demo tutorials on the bottom of this post in the related posts section. Thanks for reading Video Production Tips.

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