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A Resource Guide from Video Production Tips.

The internet has hundreds of sites related to video. Online video is one of the biggest segments of the internet and it is growing every day.

The following alphabetized list will help you find the online video service you need. Known as Atom Films for the past decade, Atom specializes in quality comedy. They are in partnership with Comedy Central and MTV so this site is well-funded. The majority of videos posted to this site are well produced, but they don’t have to be big budget. Atom is searching for good undiscovered comedic talent, so content rules over high-dollar production value. They just don’t want videos of kids lighting their farts on fire. A video search engine that holds over 18 million hours worth of video. One of the webs largest and most sophisticated search engines, blinkx has partnered with over two-hundred media outlets including public and private video production entities with massive libraries. If a video exists on the web, you can probably find it using blinkx. (No commercials) One of the higher quality internet video sharing sites, Blip wants to provide viewers with video experiences that are “less boring” than standard TV. They describe their videos as hip, unusual and personal. A good site for viewers and producers of quality content. Blip provides easy access to additional distribution beyond their site. BoFunk features videos aimed at the teeny-bopper crowd who like to giggle at things that mere adults do not find funny. If watching a zit explode in close-up is your idea of entertainment, Bo Funk is your dream come true.

Brightcove provides a video content management system for business. Brightcove clients include many large media companies such as Time-Warner and The Wall Street Journal but they also work with many small to medium companies. A syndication service and advertising partners are part of the Brightcove package.

Clashorama brings friendly competition to Internet Video. Viewers can create contests between any videos they want. Clashorama takes viewer ratings to a whole new level. Lots of goofy videos, but also plenty of serious topics and well-made videos. Good site for viewers and producers alike.

A site aimed at ordinary people who want to share goofy videos with their family and friends. This is not a site for business oriented videos, although they will be accepted. A multitude of online video services in one site.  Their biggest service is a comprehensive video search engine.  The clipta site also functions as a video sharing site where you can make a few bucks if your videos get a lot of views.  Clipta also features a forum on all subjects related to online video. A wide-ranging video sharing site covering everything from extreme sports to politics. Daily Motion is a good site for business owners because they have a category specifically for videos that promote products and services. This has turned Daily Motion into a good resource and online community for business owners. A non-profit site dedicated to preserving net neutrality. Net neutrality is important in keeping the Internet a free and open platform for everyone. From the beginning, no one has “owned” the internet. Naturally, many of the world’s communications conglomerates do not like that fact. “We the people” are embarrassing too many fat cats with our commentaries! If the internet becomes regulated the way some corporations would like, the little guy will lose. So please support net neutrality. Dedicated to the youth market, 6-17. Go Fish claims 6.3 million unique visitors. Hulu is a site that offers internet video viewers a more traditional TV viewing experience. This is not a standard video sharing site where anyone can upload, it’s for viewing professional produced movies and standard television programs seen before on cable. This is a United States only website. Owned and operated by Spike-TV, this is internet video for the macho male. Babes and cars dominate the viewing selections at iFilm. Search by bikini, bizarre, fetish and more! Joost is trying to merge cable television with the internet. Viewers can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free by downloading the Joost player. (It’s free.) Some of the content is current, premium channel cable hits like HBO’s “Weeds.” Joost has a huge library of ready to watch on demand professionally produced programming. Kick Light is a web service that lets you add clickable links, or KICKS as they call them, to your video.   Kick Light is free to use. Live Leak is searching for quality journalism with a mission of providing an alternative to the mainstream press. Liveleak adamantly rejects marketing videos unless they are labeled as such. Live Leak features citizen journalism from all over the world and does a great service helping people to communicate the reality of their lives without the corporate media filter. Live leak also has hot chick videos. Oh well. We’ll say that makes their programming diversified. Lulu is a great resource for video producers who want to sell their content. Customers can buy and download your videos or get them mailed on DVD disc. Lulu is an online publishing house for not only video creators, but authors and musicians too. Lulu can help you create a web “store front” and help you get an ISBN number. Market 7 is a website that helps video producers and their clients communicate more easily.  With a market 7 account, a video producer and their clients can share files, scripts and other necessary tools. A great site for both content producers and viewers alike. Mega Video’s goal is to replace You Tube as the #1 video sharing site, but they have a way to go. Mega video features a reward system where you earn points the more your video is viewed and you can redeem the points for free membership or cash. The offerings on Mevio are higher quality than some internet video. Mevio features lots of continuing serials and character-driven entertainment. Mevio videos are more like what you would see on traditional TV with professional production values, although certainly most of them are relatively low-budget. Mevio claims to have over one-million hours of quality internet video entertainment, which is enough to keep you occupied for 41-thousand years. Motion box is aimed at people who primarily want to share personal videos with family or friends. Viewers do not randomly select videos to watch, you as the content provider choose who gets to see your work. Basic membership is free, but that only allows you 30 minutes worth of video storage. If you need more than that, yu pay $30 a year, which isn’t bad for secure hosting. This is a huge site well known for housing millions of photos and videos for people to share with friends, family and strangers world wide. Photo Bucket is the largest photo sharing site in the U.S. and is among the top fifty largest sites on the web. If you’re looking for a place to show videos to promote yourself, this is a good choice. This website is seeking videos that show every day people and their products, services, and ideas. Revver is a great site for viewers and content producers alike. Revver shares advertising revenue with content producers by placing a software tracking code on each video so you can keep up with viewership as it goes viral. Keyword driven contextual advertising is placed on videos by Revver and proceeds are split.

Spidvid: Spidvid is a site designed to connect video creators with one another for easy collaboration, even if you are in far flung corners of the world and not able to meet in the same room.   Spidvid helps from the beginning to the end of the video creation process.  You can post and/or bid on video projects, organize your project, upload and store files to share with team members.    SpidVid is an in-the-cloud service . As the name implies, Stupid Videos specializes in amateur clips that make somebody look stupid. Lots of people falling down, no documentaries. Although this site has a large audience, it’s not a serious one and the demographics skew young. With the right video though, this site can get you a lot of eyeballs. An incredible service that allows you to broadcast live with audience interaction via real time text chat. Unbelievably, this is still free. Ustream will host a replay of your live video program when it’s over so you can grow your show’s audience and utilize your content in a variety of ways. Vimeo can best be described as a generalized video sharing site hosting videos of all kinds, from one-shot cell phone quickies to professionally produced programs. Vimeo boasts over half a million members and 5,400 new videos daily. Compare that to 60,000 daily submissions for You Tube. A GREAT site for business owners, vSocial provides a platform for you to distribute viral, word-of-mouth campaigns and have them tied in with extensive social networking communities. Vsocial offers both paid and free hosting services. It’s much easier to get your business noticed on a site like vSocial than You Tube. The Big Daddy of all Internet video sharing sites. Owned by Google, You Tube gets 60,000 submissions a day and it’s easy to get lost in a pile that huge. You Tube no longer accept any video longer than 10 minutes. Viewers can not download them, although you can choose to allow embedding. You Tube does not yet have a way for you to sell your video.

Video Production Insurance: Cover yourself against loss of equipment and video business  property damage. Also liability.

WeVideo:  An online in-the-cloud video editing platform.   WeVideo allows you to edit online instead of having it all on your own computer.  WEVideo is an easy system to use and you can collaborate with others.

Localized Video Production Specialists

The following resources are provided so you can find video production specialists in your local area.

Video Production
MindBOX Productions – Video Production Austin and Web Video

Chicago Videoworks: Providing Chicago with creative, high quality and cost effective video production services.

Corporate Video Production Services– Professional Los Angeles based video production and web development company EKADOO, LLC. provides corporate, educational, training video production.

Web Video Production: A UK based production service that provides comprehensive production services.

London Video Production Tallboy: Tallboy is an innovative corporate video production company based
in London, providing total video production services for corporate clients

Vision Film & Television Production Located in Hollywood, CA, Vision Movies creates custom web video marketing campaigns, POS videos, training videos and product demos for small and growing business. All production types and budgets are welcome.

Film Production, Video Production Bay Area Evolve Media Productions is an innovative production house producing award-winning corporate and commercial videos and films using cutting-edge technology.

Ottawa Canada Video Production-For video production services north of the border, try  eMotion Picture Studios.

Butchers Hook Corporate Video:   Unique Corporate and Commercial video production company based in London and Brighton, UK