September 16

Porta-Com PRO-40 4-User ProLink Dual-Ear Wireless Beltpack Intercom System

portacom pro 540 intercom system

In a standard video production studio, the director communicates with the camera operators and floor crew by using a headset system.   The director is in the control room, which is soundproofed, away from the studio itself, so a headset communication system is the only way the crew can hear the directions being given.

studio set-up
Diagram of a typical Video Production Studio layout.  For crew members in different parts of the studio to communicate without messing up the audio of your show, you will need some kind of  headset system.

The PortaCom PRP-54OS from Anchor Audio/PortaCom is a 4-unit wireless intercom system that gives you the ability to communicate wirelessly without any need for a base station.  This is a complete system with many cool features.

portacom pro 540 intercom system

Here are the specifics for this system:

The PRO-540S 4-User ProLink Single-Ear Wireless Beltpack Intercom System from PortaCom is a complete 4-user wireless intercom system. It consists of  components called “beltpacks” and the headsets themselves.  There is one MASTER beltpack, which would be worn by the director.  There are also three remote beltpacks, and  four dual-ear headsets.

Each beltpack is compact, portable and able to communicate without requiring a base station. In addition to the included beltpacks, the system supports an unlimited number of listen-only beltpacks for clear communication at distances up to five-hundred feet away. This feature can greatly expand the scope of your system for larger productions.  The master beltpack has an LED indicator that flashes red when it is transmitting to a remote beltpack.

Each beltpack also has an A/B channel selector, a power/volume knob, and a mic gain control (volume) to precisely adjust to meet the needs of each individual crew member.   A push-to-talk (PTT) button lets you communicate whenever you wish but if it is more convenient, there is also an”always on” slide switch which will lets you talk freely without using the PTT button.

The beltpack has a 4-pin XLR headset connector for use with the included headsets, and you can even use them with any headset you might already have that has a dynamic microphone.   This system uses Bluetooth technology.  This means you can use a Bluetooth wireless headset up to ten feet away from the beltpack.

Each beltpack operates on a set of three AA rechargeable batteries.  It comes with a charging port for quick charging with the included gang charger.


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