February 26

My TV Options: Dishonest Website

frowning face Wow, am I UNIMPRESSED.

So unimpressed that I’d say these guys are not just sadly deluded about the quality of their service, but rather they are fraudsters directly lying.

This morning I got an email invitation to check out a website called My TV Options.com

They wanted to pay me to write a review of their site.  The review didn’t HAVE to be positive.  They said they wanted an honest critique and they would pay me even if I were negative.

They obviously have NO CLUE who they are talking to.   Be careful what you ask for!

My TV Options claims to have sifted through all the many options for TV service and compiled a database where you could answer a few questions, type in your zip code and then be told what is the BEST service in your area, depending on your preferences.

That’s cool, I thought.  Such a service could definitely save you some time and trouble, and hopefully, some money.

So I took their short survey.  When I clicked search, a window popped up and said the site was sifting through over 73,000 possibilities to find JUST THE RIGHT ONE FOR ME!

Wow, that’s a lot!

The answer to my TV prayers, according to this website, was Direct TV.   Yup, DirectTV was the best for me and here is their phone number!  Call and order right away!

Of course being the cynical old journalist that I am, witness to hundreds of scandals and frauds, I clicked around a bit more.

I took the survey again, giving different answers.  Once again, the best service for me was direct TV!

So I took the survey a third time, once again giving completely different answers.

Low and behold it is a miracle!  Direct TV was STILL the best.

I took the survey five more times, giving different preferences each time.  Turns out, it didn’t matter what kind of service I wanted or what my zip code was, Direct TV is always the BEST, or so says this website.

Gimme a break.    These guys are frauds.

After about ten minutes of clicking and reading, it was obvious that Direct TV was ALWAYS going to be the answer because this website wasn’t really searching through 73,000 options,  Direct TV was the only option they considered.

This is so typical and it pisses me off.  Some company somewhere sets up a website with the sole purpose of selling directtv, only they LIE about it and say they are trying to do you a favor.   They are not even remotely honest about what they are trying to do.

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!liar lair pants on fire cartoon drawing

Geez, I hate this kind of tactic.   I bet you do too.

My experience in the TV news business taught me that so much “information” out there is not remotely credible.  It is B.S. that they try to pass off as legitimate information by pretending to be something they are not.  Just like this website.

Only usually, the people doing the lying are better at it than these folks.  This was so poorly done it was obvious to me within ten minutes that it was all a lie.  Most lies are better concealed and they fool a lot of people.

So guess what bozos? You got your honest review! Now where’s my paycheck?  No doubt you will come up with some excuse to not give it to me.  That’s fine.   Maybe the next reviewer you try to hire will be too timid to be honest or too stupid to see past your hype.

I will NEVER buy direct tv and I hope no one reading this blog post does either.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you that cheaters never prosper?

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Lorraine Grula

Internet Video Gal


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  1. UPDATE!!

    They never paid me for my fine review! Gosh, what a shocker.

    Why do people who run fraudulent sites ask for an honest review?

    Be careful what you ask for!


  2. UPDATE!!

    They finally paid me. At least they were honest enough to do that. They probably do not really care what I say, just so they get their links.

    Oh well.

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