June 8

Are You Interested in Using Video Taken by a Drone?

This video is simply breathtaking. Gorgeous scenery combined with soaring, silky-smooth video shots give viewers an exhilarating experience usually reserved for eagles.

The secret is using a drone like the Mavic Mini to carry the camera to places a person with a tripod could never reach in a million years.
dji brand phantom 2 vision plus drone
Making spectacular videos gets easier and easier as technology improves by leaps and bounds. The technology I speak of goes way beyond improvements in resolution or signal to noise ratios. That’s all well and good but giving viewers a vantage point from the clouds is a feat sure to impress even the most demanding viewers.

Before drones, getting aerial shots meant you had to use either a helicopter or an airplane. Both are expensive. Both are very difficult to shoot from unless they have been engineered to contain a steady-camera mount. That of course is an extra expense.

Without such a mount, your shots are guaranteed to be shaky. Shaky video looks tacky and turns viewers off.

Drones are also superior to helicopters and airplanes for video because being smaller, they can go places a larger vehicle can’t.

If you would like to learn more about how to make professional-quality videos, this blog has hundreds of articles on all aspects of video making.

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Lorraine Grula, video producer


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