June 20

GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Edition

Review of GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Edition

This isn’t just a video camera. The GoPro has blossomed into a lifestyle!

Feast your eyes on this YouTube video packed with clips taken on GoPros. The video has over 13 million views! No wonder, what a rush!! The shots are stunning to say the least.

The Go Pro camera design is aimed at sports enthusiasts but will actually work well for anyone wanting to capture hands-free point-of-view video shots.

One reason the GoPro cameras are so popular is because they make it easy to capture a type of video that heretofore was difficult to get. They’re very unique video cameras, nothing like them has been available before.

The extreme wide-angle, point-of-view shot is a real departure from the typical medium focal length lens, tripod shot standard in video making.


I promise, on so many levels, the GoPro will capture spectacular video like what no other low-budget video camera can hope to capture. It’s an incredible buy.

Most low budget video cameras are terribly flimsy. Not this one! (Low budget = less than $250) The Hero can withstand rough environments. It’s waterproof and built with an exceptionally wide angle lens. It’s designed to be worn on a helmet or can be mounted on just about anything.

The camera has a highly-engineered polycarbonate exoskeletal housing that’s ready for plenty of action ranging from scuba diving to dirt track racing.

GoPros are built to take a beating & keep filming. That alone is such a huge improvement for any camera in the under $250 price range.

Replacement lens kits & housings are available, so there’s little worry while going for glory – even while diving with sharks.

As a lover of video cameras, I promise the HD HERO2 truly is a feat of engineering, just like their advertising claims.

  • Wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 197′ (60M)
  • Boasting an immersive 170° wide-angle lens, the HD HERO2 has ushered in a new era of image capture.

Professional quality 30 fps 1080p and 60 fps 720p video, combined with 11 megapixel still photo capture that is high resolution enough to land magazine covers.

The HD HERO2 has even been a boon to video making in general, creating enthusiasts and exciting many people all over the world.

Even if you’re not in the habit of spectacular feats like leaping off cliffs, rest assured the GoPro is able to make even mundane activities look exciting.

Here is another YouTube video demonstrating a perfect use for a GoPro Helmet cam, a skateboard.

The GoPro line of video cameras are incredibly popular due to a great many awesome features. The super wide angle lens gives a fun and unique perspective that people like to watch. If course, after a while it can get a tad bit old. (Gosh, there’s always a downer somwehere.)


Recording high quality audio is incredibly important in video making. When a camera is used like this, it’s often subjected to howling wind noise that can obnoxiously drown out any meaningful sound.

GoPro claims their audio engineers were “obsessive” and managed to develop an on-board mic to overcome that problem.

Additionally, (and this is so important) the HD HERO2 has a 3.5mm stereo external mic input so you can plug in a supplemental mic, which is usually critical for professional sound quality.

There’s no wonder that his camera is one of the top sellers off Amazon. You can get yours today by clicking on image below! You can get it for less than $250.


The HD HERO2 offers three different HD resolutions, giving you three filming modes to capture the best angles for any given activity.
1080p – 170° wide angle, 127° medium, 90° narrow FOV @30 fps, 16:9 aspect ratio
960p – 170° wide angle FOV @ 48 fps + 30 fps, 4:3 aspect ratio
720p – 170° wide angle, 127° medium, 90° narrow FOV @60 fps + 30 fps, 16:9 aspect ratio
Standard Definition – WVGA – 170° wide angle, 127° medium FOV @120 fps +60 fps for super slow motion.

Shoot hands-free, 11 megapixel photos automatically at multiple intervals until the SD card is full.
Resolutions – 11MP, 8MP, 5 MP
FOV – 170° wide angle FOV, 127° Medium FOV
Capture Modes – Single, 10 Photo Burst, Time-Lapse*, Self-Timer
* Now supports time-lapse photo every 0.5 seconds. Requires Class 10 speed SD Card.

The included 1100mAh Lithium-Ion battery lasts 2.5 hours and is rechargeable through any USB port. You can charge it with your computer or with any USB compatible wall or car charger. You can even use the camera while the battery is charging, convenient for filming road trips where you might leave the camera running for long per


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