July 13

Flip Cameras: Making Flipcams Look Their Best

Flipcams are some of the hottest selling video cameras today.  It’s easy to see why.  They’re cheap, easy-to-use and generally produce a great shot.

flip video cameraIf you want to get into creating videos but do not want to spend much on a camera, then a flipcam is a great place to start.

Flips are VERY basic, so they don’t provide a lot of videographer options, but that’s what makes them easy to use.  You can not have both traits in one camera.

The final video image you get with a Flip is quite good, as most of them are HD quality.  Of course, as with ANY type of camera, you will get the BEST results if you know exactly what you are doing.  Usually that boils down to your lighting.  A cheap camera with great lighting will get a  better image than an excellent camera with crummy lighting.

The first flip to come out was called The Flip, but the design was so popular, many cameras soon copied the basic design.  The word “flip” meant that a USB connector was built into the side of the camera and easily flipped out once you were ready to load your video onto your computer. This saved you from needing a cable.

That is a handy feature if you are creating videos on the go.

Most flip style cameras cost around $120. Next to a cell phone camera or webcam, flipcams are some of the easiest video cameras to use. If you are looking to make easy, but high quality videos without going ti a lot of trouble, you should look into getting yourself a Flip style camera. I have Kodak Zi8, which is also a flip style camera and I really like it.

Thanks for reading Video Production Tips.

Lorraine Grula, Video Producer and owner of this blog.


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