July 8

Custom Musical Scores for Your Video Project


Imagine having an Grammy Award winning musical composer bidding to provide a custom musical score for your video project at no cost.

Yeah, I said no cost.

At least the bidding part won’t cost you.  🙂  (This is not an affiliate link.  I just thought this site was cool.)

A new website, Score A Score.com, has set up an easy-to-use platform that unites video producers with composers of original musical scores.

If you have a video project, you can post it for free after establishing a free membership account.   Composers then create an original sampling to go with your project at no obligation.  If you like it, then you can hire them to complete the score.

custom musical scoreThe site also has a library of already composed music you can select.  The payment methods include paying the established price, or you can name your own price and see if the composer will agree.

Prices that were already set began at $700 and went up to about $2,000.  I am assuming that setting your own price would be lower than that but we all know how assumptions can work out.  🙂

I sampled lots of the clips on Score a Score and they were indeed excellent.  They sounded like movie soundtracks, not royalty free music.  There’s a huge difference.  Royalty free music tracks are more monotonous and simplistic.  These tracks were more variable in tone and mood within the individual track and were also clearly more complex musically than standard royalty free music.

If your video project needs to be unique and professional quality, a customized musical score is one of the best ways to do it.

A customized musical track will follow every nuance and tangent of emotion within your program.  Customized music will help create a more unique and cohesive story.

If you have the budget for it, a custom musical score will no doubt take your video from being good to being great.

Score-a-Score was developed by Jordan Passman, who has a music business background and worked for a brief time in the Film/TV membership department of ASCAP.   (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers).

Jordan was able to get a group of composers with very impressive credentials together to form the backbone of Score-a-Score.   Together they include:

  • An Emmy Award winner
  • A Grammy Award winner
  • Multiple Emmy Award nominees
  • Multiple Grammy Award nominees
  • Multiple Clio Award winners
  • Multiple ASCAP’s Foundation’s Henry Mancini Emerging Film Composer award winners
  • Multiple ASCAP’s Morton Gould Award for orchestral work
  • Multiple ASCAP’s Harold Arlen Award
  • Multiple ASCAP’s Plus Award winners
  • Multiple Finalists for the Annual Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition & more.

Here is how Jordan described the process for getting a video project scored:

  • “At no cost, you create Projects that we expose to composers who can choose to submit scores for your private review.
  • You build your projects with descriptive text and requirements for the score you want, your music budget, terms of use, any location requirements and deadlines.
  • At no cost, you can upload an excerpt or a complete project video clip (up to a maximum of three minutes in length). Our hand selected pool of professional composers will audition by submitting a example of the music that is their interpretation of the perfect score for your project.
  • We present the submissions in an organized format viewable within your personal Dashboard, which allows you to easily review and rate the materials and the composers.
    Once you select a score, for projects of three minutes or less, you can (upon payment through PayPal) immediately download a high-quality file of the music.
  • For projects over three minutes, which will involve the creation of additional music and often a creative discussion directly with the composer, upon payment of our fee, we will give you the composer’s contact information, so that you may conclude an agreement directly.”

So if you are looking for a way to have your video project scored with an original tune done by a highly-qualified professional Film and TV soundtrack composer, then Score a Score is a site you should check out.

Thanks for reading Video Production Tips.

Lorraine Grula


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