How To Make Buying Video Production Equipment Easy

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woman using video cameraBuying video production equipment is an important investment that might seem like a daunting headache because there is an overwhelming amount to choose from.  Which is the best buy?

A lot of times, we get caught up in sales pitches that leave us looking at a lot of features we may not even need, and may even distract us from what we really do need. Looking through tons of websites and stores can leave you confused, or even intimidated.

Just about everyone will tell you that their products are the best. If you’re in a store, chances are that your salesman has never even used a video camera aside from the one on his phone. If a salesperson isn’t sure exactly what you are looking for, they will try to sell you the most expensive thing in the store. Without knowing the exact features you need, or don’t need, it will be much easier for them to sell you a video camera that does everything you don’t need it to and probably costs way more than you want to spend (and, no, you don’t always have to have every single feature ever invented).

When preparing to buy your video equipment, think about what kind of videos you want to make and what you would like to be able to accomplish with your videos. Make a list of the absolute must-haves and a list of the “optional” features that you can live without.

Remember to set your budget for all of your video production equipment. If you spend too much on one piece of equipment, you may not leave yourself enough money to get everything you need. It can even be helpful to determine a “comfortable” figure (what you would ‘like’ to spend) and a “max” figure (what you absolutely cannot afford to go over). Sometimes when we’re shopping for something and we find an item that we like that’s priced higher, we’re left scrambling to determine if we can afford it. So determining these figures up front will allow you to easily know if it’s in your “comfortable” zone or in the “red” zone. This will take the anxiety and frustration out of trying to see if you can “make it work” at the last minute when you see something you like. If it’s simply outside of the “max” figure you can afford, move along; there is a piece of equipment out there that will suit your needs within your budget, don’t fret, you’ve got a plan.

Looking at camera reviews by real customers are a great way to decide which ones you want to give more attention to and which ones to avoid completely.  One reason I like to recommend B&H Photo is because their website has so many customer reviews.  People who have experience with the equipment are usually more helpful than salespeople, who probably have never actually used the equipment and are motivated by commission amounts.

If you need help to buy video equipment, we can point you in the right direction. Video Production Tips not only gives you lessons on how to produce award winning videos, we can also assist you in what equipment you will need. This blog covers every step of video production, from buying equipment, to editing post-production, and even optimization.