July 26

5 Benefits of Video Marketing

Businesses all over the globe are adopting video as part of their overall marketing strategy, a trend that is still progressing rapidly. Video players on a companies websit are becoming more popular in the age of YouTube and other video streaming sites.

If you’re a business owner and wondering how can you boost your brand’s PR, videos may be helpful.

Here are five benefits you’ll see with video marketing.

Great ROI – It can be expensive to create initially, but it doesn’t have to be if you DIY like we teach here at VPT.  Even with time and money considerations with DIY video, or if hire professionals, an investment in video creation for online marketing will probably a fantastic return. In the long run, it can really pay off big time.  The video itself does not have to be perfect; as a general rule, it is the content that matters more than the technical quality.  Besides, with modern cameras and an easy to use online video editor, technical quality is easier.  These tools seamlessly enhance your video marketing strategies, ensuring your content stands out effectively.


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Boost in conversions and sales – A video has the potential to earn you some serious money. One third of retailers increased their conversions by 91% with videos, and personal videos are able to increase email conversions by 500%! Not everybody gets those results, but it’s possible.  Video can help inspire trust and credibility, which is often lacking with online interactions.

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Building trust – As a business, ideally you want all of your customers to trust you, so that you are their first point of reference when they need a product or service. Trust is the foundation of sales, and video can help you build a long-term relationship with your customers. Honest, informative and fun videos can improve your brand image a lot.

video crew interviewing subjectSEO – Google and other search engines love video content. It can increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site. This signals to the search engines that your site has quality content, which impacts your search ranking positively. Additionally, a video hosted on YouTube can make your site appear in searches on the video platform, opening another potential stream of revenue.

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Encourages social shares – Social networks and video content go hand in hand. The majority of social networking sites actually encourage you to use video. If someone finds a video entertaining, then they are very likely to share it with friends and family. This is essentially a form of free advertising because the more people see your video, the more people learn about what you offer.

Thanks for reading Video Production Tips. We hopes this information helps you!


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